Immersive Strategy

Building a solid foundation for your business strategy and analysing your current market position to identify the best route into the new immersive market. We will run a series of workshops and research key topics to develop a strategy document to summarise a plan of attack for your business.

3D Headshots

With the launch of Apple Vision Pro and the growth of Meta Quest, virtual reality experiences are becoming a core part of how brands educate and simulate key information for their teams. Using these devices, users can feel closer to the brand, being transported from their own personal setting. We are able to help develop and deploy business applications to these devices.

Living Brands

Bringing brands to life from their 2D form into a 3D form while also adding personality and intrigue by bringing movement, life, and character into it. Improve brand storytelling and take the first step toward building the future of technology.According to Hubspot, interactive content can lead to a 70% higher conversion rate compared to traditional static content.

Hybrid Experiences

Using Web-based AR solutions such as 8th Wall, Oynrix, Spark, or Snapchat to build experiences within the built environment. This can give users the ability to explore a product in their own space. This boosts the understanding and iteration of the product or service you're communicating. According to Hubspot, by increasing user interactions, customers can understand 67% more about a business compared to using traditional photos and video.

World Building

Working on platforms like, W3rlds, Emperia, and Roblox, we are able to create brand spaces, either replicating existing locations or creating new spaces representing a brand you're working with. This gives you the ability to let users explore a brand in a new, engaging way with the advantage of being able to load on both web and VR. The Website of the Future. According to market leader Emperia, by building digital brand spaces, companies are seeing 92% more engagement time.

Gamified Narratives

Using Unreal Engine and/or Unity, we can build stories in a new immersive medium. This format is endless in its options for building what the future could look like or simulating the past. We can help through the whole process, from script writing to building the scenes to developing spatial audio. We are currently working with schools to develop new curricula. According to TechRepublic, Fortune 500 companies that have implemented these technologies are seeing around 30% productivity gains and higher user satisfaction.