Coach AR Window Dressing


Working with Monnier Paris and Coach, we created a unique window dressing for the front of Monnier HQ. This focused on designing a hybrid experience with interaction at its core.

Real world activiation at Monnier, Paris


Monnier only has an office space in Paris and doesn't have a store to walk into. As a result, they were keen to drive people walking past the office window to their online store. Working with their key brand partner, Coach, they were keen to show off the new colourway launch as this AR experience.


We offered them a few solutions around different AR platforms. With the current market, there are two key options: social platforms like Spark by Meta or web-based platforms like 8th Wall. We chose to use Onrix as they offered a cheaper rate and everything we needed at launch. 

We then generated a unique style for the campaign, which we built in Blender. We had to focus on user experience for this, and as a result of the resolution restrictions, we had to go for a lower poly cartoon style. 

We then worked with a vinyl printing company to print a large, eye-catching tracking point that would be added to the shop front.

Monnier, Coach - Window Dressing AR Model dissected

Technical Challenges

For the project, the issues we encountered were around tracking and creating a unique asset that wouldn't glitch the experience. We found this out very early on and were able to help the client through the process before finalisation.


As a result, the campaign, which was up for a few weeks, led 300 people to click through to the website to look at the product. This is important as this is key data they haven't been able to capture before and can now track. Learning from this, we want to focus on creating user interest in scanning these interactive campaigns, which will drive people through to our customers' websites. Focusing on user value is key to creating these experiences with purpose.